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WA Marketing Solutions – Send Bulk WA Messages Using API

As most of you now already know that WA Biz API released that 2nd edition of WA Marketing API Support making it the only WA Marketing Solutions available for Marketer, Resellers, Developers, and Enterprise level clients. In this new version, we integrated the functionalities which allows you to get even more control over your WA Channels which allows you to manage multiple WA Channels in groups (Using Channels Tag) and also play around with each individual WA Channel using its own identity number using our 3rd Party WA Marketing API Integration functionalities.

WA Marketing API Solutions

And we are so proud about the fact, that we are the only company on the planet who is able to offer such deep integration and advance functionalities for you as clients to be able to gain full control over sending & receiving messages using WA Marketing API. Sending Bulk Messages with WA API has never become easier for our clients now. And you are able to interact with your response over any WA marketing campaign with even more control now. Using this level of complete automation + our patented user behaviour pattern recognition technology. You get the best of both worlds allowing you to create 100% automated WA Chatbots, be able to communicate one to one with your clients using 100% automated & artificially intelligent communications using DialogFlow and other chat automation tools, and so much more.

WA Chatbot & API Based WA Marketing Solutions

And those who are simply looking to utilize and automate their bulk WA Marketing via API. Our tool is now fully integrated to give you just that in a more simply & yet, powerful manner. Using Zapier you can even integrate our product with your ERP, CRM, and other similar solutions plus 1400+ applications already supported by Zapier for integration including Slack, Google Sheets, LeadPages, and so much more.

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