WA Panel & Bot for sending bulk marketing messages on WA

Stop looking elsewhere for a WA Panel & Bot for sending bulk marketing messages on WA effectively! We introduce to you:

WA Panel & Bot: our ninja tool for sending unlimited WA messages to other WA users!

Many months have spent in perfecting this NINJA WA Marketing Panel that will empower you to apply bulk WA marketing in your business!

If you’re a business owner or professional who is in need of the best WA Marketing Panel that will enable you to send unlimited number of WA messages to your list of contacts for free, then download WA Panel & Bot now!

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About us

Our company is one of the top developers of high quality and dependable WA Marketing Solutions used by countless business owners and professionals as their primary tool in connecting with their target audience. We are one of the best sources of reliable WA Marketing Software and WA Channels which are two main components before you could run an effective WA marketing campaign.

Our latest WA Marketing Panel is another type of WA Marketing Software or tool that enables you to better apply WA marketing in promoting your various goods and services. If you’re looking for a ninja tool that will enable you to scan WA numbers in your system, add unlimited WA numbers and so much more then WA Panel & Bot is the perfect WA Marketing Solution for you!

Contact us now and start using this bulk WA Panel immediately so that you can start tapping on your prospect and existing clients through your unique WA marketing campaigns!

Below is the list of features of WA Panel:

  1. Proxy feature
    Through this feature, you have the ability to send massive WA messages to others and appear as if you are using different numbers. WA Panel & Bot makes it possible to safeguard your WA numbers from getting banned because of this. Let’s take for example, you are sending 9 different messages to the same number. The person who received your message will think that the messages came from different numbers and would therefore not think that you’re spamming.
  2. Scan and Export WA numbers from a large database of uncategorized numbers
    This WA Marketing Panel also has the ability to scan the different numbers found in your database and afterward filters those numbers that are active in WA. You can then use these filtered numbers for messaging later.
  3. Test Campaign Capability
    With WA Panel & Bot, you have the ability to send multitude of WA messages to a group of select WA numbers found in your database.  This feature also helps you determine whether the numbers are active or not.
  4. Multiple Campaign Management
    With this WA Bot, you have the ability to divide your WA Marketing campaign messages into different sets of marketing campaigns. This will result to the creation of different WA Marketing campaigns that contains various messages. You also have the option to schedule these messages to be sent to various WA numbers.
  5. Real time status reporting
    Using this WA Marketing Software will also give you the ability to easily monitor the effectiveness of ineffectiveness of your WA Marketing campaigns. This is easily shown via the real time notification status provided by WA Panel & Bot. Through this feature, you can now immediately view the status of your messages: whether your marketing campaign messages are delivered, pending or sent.
  6. Programmed Marketing Campaign for future sending
    This WA Marketing Panel also gives you the ability to schedule the sending of your various WA marketing campaigns. This feature gives you the ability to help protect your account from getting detected by WA; thereby help in safeguarding your account from getting banned.

WA Panel & Bot: benefits of using this WA Marketing Software:

This WA Marketing Panel can be utilized in a variety of ways that will contribute to maximizing your income potential. Below are some uses of this Bulk WA Panel.

  1. WA Panel & Bot enables you to load multiple proxy amounts.
    This WA Marketing Panel will help safeguard your WA Channels from getting banned by WA. Because you are able to load unlimited amount of Proxy IPAddresses, you can now send WA messages promoting your products and services to thousand other WA users without limit!
    Using this bulk WA Panel will also address the 300 per day limitation set by WA.
  2. This WA Marketing Panel allows you to add unlimited WA sender ID’s or phone numbers and valid password that is generated easily through this WA Marketing Software.
    WA panel & Bot gives you the ability to send unlimited broadcast messages or Marketing campaign messages to your prospect and existing clients using your various WA Channels that you load in the system. With this Bulk WA Bot will also give you the ability to reach out to a wider audience across the world via WA!
  3. WA Panel & Bot also enables you to load different WA senders which you have imported or harvested from TXT files. Afterwards, you could re-scan these imported WA senders to determine which are using WA Messenger.
    With WA Panel & Bot, you can now conveniently filter WA numbers which can be used during your marketing campaigns.
  4. WA Panel & Bot also have the option to filter all the contact numbers through the scan application or operation feature. The result of this activity will yield only a list of contact numbers that are actual users of WA. You can then use this for your marketing campaigns later on.
    WA Panel & Bot is equipped with the capability to sift through all numbers and collect those numbers that you can use for your marketing campaigns. This feature will enable you to save time.
  5. The generated list of contact numbers can also be used as your list of target WA users for your WA marketing campaigns.
    You now have the ability to do more of your time by utilizing WA Panel & Bot by not wasting it with sending broadcast messages or WA Marketing campaign messages to those contact numbers that are not even users of WA.
  6. Using WA Panel & Bot gives you the ability to compose and send WA messages that have different format such as text, images, videos, GPS locations and even audio to other WA users located around the world.
    Because WA give you the ability to send multi-platform messages to other WA users around the world, you will also have the opportunity to express your Marketing campaign however you wished.
  7. This Bulk WA Marketing Panel will also enable you to send WA marketing campaign messages in the future in one go.
    WA Panel & Bot enables you to compose WA Marketing campaign messages and program them to be sent at specific time frame in the future.

How this WA Marketing Panel came into existence:

WA Panel & Bot was developed to help you become successful in your marketing campaigns. This is one of the best WA Marketing tools available which we offer. With this WA Bot, you now have the power to communicate better with your target markets.

Contact us now to download this NINJA WA Marketing Software that will help you increase the income potential of your business! Simply fill in the form provided below or you can email us at feedbacks@gmail.com.

This is now the perfect time for you to switch from SMS Messaging or any other mobile marketing! With WA Panel & Bot, you now have the perfect software to go with your WA Channels in sending out massive WA messages to your multitude of database!

WA Marketing and other forms of mobile Marketing nowadays:

Total WA users as of January 2016 are now at 990 million; marking it as the most popular chat messaging application in the world. It topped Viber, Line, Wechat and many others chat messaging application found online. When you based on that statistics alone, WA is manifested as the best available tool most preferred by most people.

Why we are one of the leading WA Marketing Providers in the industry:

The stark difference between our company against our competitors is not only limited to our WA Marketing Solutions. We also take time to learn your business and your requirmenets so we have an idea what options we could offer you.

Stop investing with other WA Marketing Solutions offered elsewhere! Come to one of the most trusted WA Marketing Companies for all your WA Marketing Solution needs!

Product Disclaimer:

All our WA Marketing Solutions like WA Panel & Bot are not meant for SPAM messaging. We reserved the right not to be implicated with the irresponsible actions of our clients.

If you want to get 10% off on buying this NINJA tool, contact us now!

We also offer a 30 day guarantee!

If within the 30 days of using this WA Markting Panel you are dissatisfied, simply contact our office and we will immediately issue a 100% refund!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Contact details

Skype: WAbulksender

Email: support@wabulksender.com

         Call at +1 646 448 0344

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