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WA Marketing

Known as the latest type of mobile marketing, WA Marketing provides people or consumers “time and location sensitive messages” which promotes the goods and services of a business. It is also the type of marketing that is now most popularly known as the most effective tool to bridge the gap between clients or consumers and companies.

WA Marketing is said to be responsible for changing how consumers and businesses interact with each other nowadays in a way that is more dynamic and more intimate. With the use of various WA Marketing Solutions that are readily available, businesses now has a better way to connect with their target audience.

Our company is a Bulk WA Marketing Software & Solutions Provider that has been offering various kinds of WA Marketing Solutions for many years. Such solutions are various types of WA Marketing Software, WA Channels, Tools, scripts and many others that are designed to empower business owners and professionals like you to leverage WA in connecting with your audience.

Being one of the leading and most trusted WA Marketing Providers in the industry, our high quality and reliable WA Marketing Solutions had been responsible for generating unlimited supply of prospect clients. This is made possible by tapping on the multitude of WA users located around the world through Bulk WA Marketing.

You can use Bulk WA Marketing Softwares & Solutions to help multiply your profits into a thousand fold. With the various WA Marketing Solutions that we offer, you are guaranteed to get connected with your target audience a lot better. And the best thing about this is: regardless of the size and form of your business, you can leverage Bulk WA Marketing so you can get connected with your audience more conveniently.

You can immediately download any of our various WA Marketing Solutions now and you can get started on promoting your goods and services through sending various WA Marketing Campaign messages! Are you curious as to how? Contact us now at skype: bulkWAsender.

About us

We are a team of seasoned experts about WA Marketing that have been developing various high quality and reliable kinds of WA Marketing solutions for a period of many years. We offer different options of WA Marketing Software, WA Plans, WA Channels, Packages, tools and others solution to companies, business owners and professionals who are in need of an effective tool that will enable them to better communicate with others.

The different Bulk WA Marketing Software & Solutions such as WA marketing software, channels, tools and others that we have developed and distributed has been responsible for changing the lives of many merchants out there who wished to scale bigger amount of WA Marketing campaigns.

We aim to provide accurate WA Marketing Solutions to your every marketing need. Apart from that, we will also provide you with INSTANT database support with every purchase of any of our WA Marketing Software. We listed below some of our high quality and reliable WA Marketing Software that we offer that you can immediately utilize:

I. WA Marketing Software:


    • This enables you to add multiple WA numbers which you can use to send multitude of messages in one go.
    • Bulk WA Sender gives you an option to create different marketing campaigns to different sets of WA numbers.
    • This tool allows you to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses which also help safeguards your WA numbers from getting banned by WA

    • Bulk WA Sender Suite will allow you to reach all WA numbers in a global scale
    • This tool will enable you to send videos and images for free
    • This WA Marketing tool will also allow you greater mobility
    • Bulk WA Sender Suite will enable you to reply immediately
    • This tools provides you “hassle-free” marketing

    • WA Panel & Bot enables you to send WA Messages from different numbers at the same time through PROXY Feature which also help you safeguard your numbers from getting banned
    • With this tool, you can be able to scan your database of numbers, filter those WA numbers and export those numbers for messaging later
    • This marketing software have the ability to test your marketing campaigns and evaluate whether the number is working and can be used for messaging
    • WA Panel & Bot give you the ability to segment message into different campaigns which consequently will create multiple campaigns with different messages
    • This tool also gives you the ability to monitor/ report every WA Marketing campaign
    • With this tool, you will have the option to schedule all your WA Marketing Campaigns

    • Allows you to add multiple WA numbers into the system which has the ability to send tens and thousands of WA messages from different WA numbers in one go
    • Has an option to create different campaigns to different sets of numbers
    • Has an option where you can load and use multiple Proxy IP Addresses which help safeguard your WA numbers from getting banned by WA


II. WA Channels:

Aside from offering you different kinds of WA Marketing Software, we also offer different kinds of WA Channels. You can use these WA Channels to partner with your WA Marketing Software in sending out your marketing campaigns. Apart from that, you can also utilize this WA Marketing Solution to send unlimited amount of WA messages to other WA users for free.

  • Basic WA Channels- these type of channels are generated online through a special WA Channel Generator
  • Protected WA Channel- these Whatsaoo Channels are generated with real and physical SIM cards. Compared to basic WA Channel, protected WA Channels are more secure and safe from detection and duplication by other WA Software such as WA Channel Finder. If you want a WA Channel that you can use for long term, protected WA Channel is a better option.

III. Bulk WA Reseller Plans & Packages

We extend this offer exclusively for companies such as Bulk SMS Marketing companies, Online Marketing Agencies or other similar advertising & marketing agencies for their own sets of clients who aims to achieve success in Bulk WA Marketing.

IV. Bulk WA Packages and Plans

We also offer a set of WA Marketing Software or WA Marketing Package for those who want to have several options when they want to send out promotional WA messages to their own list of WA contacts.

V. WA Marketing Services:

We are also a WA Marketing Provider that offers resetting services for your basic or protected WA Channels as well as reviving your basic or protected WA Channels that have been blocked.

Why we are the only source of WA Marketing Solutions for you:

As a WA Marketing Provider that has been operating for years, we were able to help countless businesses gain or achieve success through Bulk WA Marketing. Because we are also marketers, we also used other forms of marketing strategies such as email marketing, FB Ad Placements and many others but we have found WA Marketing as one of the most effective platform to reach out a wider audience for promotional purposes.

Most of our competitors fall short by not being able to provide additional database support.

Some practical uses of Bulk WA Marketing:

All our various WA Marketing Solutions can be utilized for many purposes. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Stock market updates and alerts
      Our various WA Marketing Solutions can be utilized to inform your audience about stock market updates and other alerts.
    2. Discount and offer alerts
      You can also send alert notifications through our WA Marketing Solutions to your list of contacts to help entice them in buying or availing your various products and services.
    3. Reminders for appointments or events
      You can also use our different WA Marketing Solutions to send periodic reminders to your targeted audience to keep them aware about important appointment or events. This will be a great help to foster their “trust” towards your company.
    4. Holiday deals and promotions
      You can utilize our various WA Marketing Solutions to inform your list of contacts about holiday deals and promotions. This is a great way to help boost your income as most people are inclined to spend money during holidays and other special occassions.
    5. Product launch and product offer alerts
      You can use our various Bulk WA Marketing Software & Solutions to promote your new products by sending your clients WA messages containing links about your product launch and other offers.
    6. Merchandise alerts
      Through utilizing our WA Marketing Solutions, you can inform your clients or prospects that you have new merchandise ready for sale.
    7. WA Messages based surveys
      You can also use our various WA Marketing Solutions if you want to conduct surveys. This will be a great help if you want information about the preferences of your clients or prospects.
    8. Promotions for Spas, Salons, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs
      You can also use our solutions for targeted marketing campaign such as those at specialty-businesses like spas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Through our WA Marketing solutions, you can inform your audience about your promotions and other attractive deals like 20% off on certain hours, tied in services (example: massage with free spa or manicure) and many others that will be a huge help in increasing your income.
    9. Promote your professional services whether you are a doctor, lawyer, consultant, real estate broker, etc.
      Through our Bulk WA Marketing Software & Solutions, you can also send massive amount of broadcast messages to your list of WA contacts that promotes your professional services.

So based on the foregoing list, you can see that there is no limit to the potential of earning more income through applying Bulk WA Marketing in your business.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, contact us now through the details cited below or you can simply fill in the form provided.

We also guarantee replacement or refund if within 30 days after your purchase, you are in anyway dissatisfied with our various WA Marketing Solutions.  Simply contact us and we will give you 100% refund or product replacement (whichever you chose)…no questions asked!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Contact details   Skype: WAbulksender

Email: support@wabulksender.com

         Call at +1 646 448 0344

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