List of Best WhatsApp Advertising Software, Tools, Scripts & Solutions in 2020

WA is officially releasing WA Ads known to a new WA advertising platform for marketers, brands, companies, and major startups which will allow them to start running WA promotions via WA Stories & WA Status.

Though, the release is expected fully in the year 2020, there are several other tools, software, scripts, online bulk panel, and marketing systems available as solutions for marketers in today’s time to start running their WA blasting campaigns in 2019 and beyond.

WA Advertising Software & WA Advertising Tools

These tools work different, ranging from desktop based WA marketing software such as WA Bulk Sender, Bulk WA Sender, WA Bulk Sender, WA Blaster Pro, Blaster Bulk Sender, Bulk WA Sender, Wapp Bulk Sender and so many other similar tools which allows you to connect your mobile number’s WA using WA Web and automate the sending process for messages via text, image, video, PDF, and other formats.

Even though if you are looking to send 10s or couple 100 messages on WA, then these tools might just work fine for you. But, when you think about scaling your campaigns to 1000s of numbers in one go. Then, you need a REAL scalable solution.

Bulk WA Channels Providers

There are different vendors which are selling Bulk WA Channels which are generated using Real SIM cards available online. You can buy huge quantity of WA channels from them, to have an army of WA numbers accessible for running these kinds of 1000s of messages based WA marketing campaigns.

WA Advertising Panel & Web Based Script

There are many panels available where you can purchase WA credits in exchange for 10k, 20k, 30k, 50k, 100k, and similar packages. But, when it comes to long term costs in purchasing these credits, the cost is tremendously very high! Plus with these kinds of panels where you are purchasing credits from a WA marketing service provider, you don’t really have your data security since it can be shared with your competitors from these vendors.

The best way to go about is getting a web based WA marketing panel on hosted on your own server like WA Biz API of course.

WA Advertising Service & Online Bulk Credit Based Solutions

As discussed earlier there are so many limitations in terms of using a 3rd party service where people don’t have control over the delivery with these kinds of services.

WA Biz API allows you to run your own campaign, on your own server, and uses advance imitation technology that allows your WA channels to showcase normal user behaviour. This allows you to not only keep using the same channels, but scale your campaigns to large scale using 1000s of WA channels hosted in the script itself.

Benefits of WA Advertising

There are several benefits to using WA as a marketing medium

  • Send unlimited messages via different file format – text, image, video, PDF, and audio files.
  • Highest Open Rate then any other medium (Including SMS Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads)
  • One time cost of purchasing the license + channels included in the package
  • Automatically Filter Active & Non Active WA Numbers (Send only to WA numbers)
  • Send messages across the globe, no country or demography limitation. Take your business to the world.

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