List of WhatsApp Promotion Software, Tools & Marketing Strategy With Template

In 2019, WA has won the majority of the messenger market across 90+ countries and is now dominating as the number 1 mobile messaging app replacing all its major competitors such as Viber, WeChat, Telegram, FB Messenger, etc.

WA Promotion ideas are so engaging these days and its really exciting for marketers, brands, agencies & even multi national companies to grab this opportunity to start running their promotional message campaigns on WA as well as WA Business.

WA Promotion Message – Sample Format & Templates

There are multiple format for sending variety of media types on WA – Text, Image, Video, PDF, Audio files.

If your target audience is more responsive with videos, we recommend creating videos which are engaging but at the same time not directly showcased as marketing message. Instead, engage with your customers & clients with soft promotional videos, and then have an call to action in the end.

For majority of the industries like Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars & Lounges – Image + Text type of messages works best.

WA Promotion Price, Marketing Strategy & Available Software & Tools

WA Promotion Software & Tools are available today which allows you to start running WA Promotion Campaigns on small to large scale. Some people who are tired of sending messages manually, where majority of the forward messages vary from 5-25 messages in one single go. Its really time consuming and daunting task to do it manually.

Here’s the list of WA Promotion Tools, Software, and Services that allows you to have a complete automation for your WA Promotional Campaigns:

  1. WA Biz API – If you are looking for a WA Marketing Software that works on the web, on your self hosted server, then WA Biz API is the only tool you will ever need which gives you the benefit of buying a tool with pre-loaded WA Channels.
  2. WA Bulk Panel – If you are looking to scale your campaigns to small numbers, then WA Bulk Panel is another web hosted WA Promotion Script that will allow you to do that.
  3. WAPP Bulk Sender – If you are looking for WA Marketing & WA Blasting Service for major countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and major south East Asian countries. Or if your target demography includes Dubai, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Soudi Arabia, and similar Middle Eastern countries. Then, WAPP Bulk Sender is a good alternative at cheap price.
  4. WA Bulk Sender – This is the successor of all time famous WA Bulk Sender, that allows you to send WA Promotion Message using automation with https://web.WA.com
  5. Bulk WA Sender – Bulk WA Sender is also another alternative for the most famous WA Promotion Software known to be the top WA Desktop Tool for running campaigns using your own numbers. Plus you can even add multiple channels into the tool allowing you to scale to larger numbers in short period of time.
  6. WA Bulk Sender – WA Bulk Sender is the oldest WA Promotion Software, and is number 1 selling WA Promotion Tool in the marketplace. Even though the cost of the tool might seem pretty high at first. But, then you can be assured that you will be sending 1000s of messages with the most efficient desktop tool for sending WA advertising & blasting campaigns.
  7. Blaster Bulk Sender – WA Blaster tools are dime a dozen, even though this a modified version of WAPP Bulk Sender, but this tool is good if you want to run one time campaigns in very quick way. Because each time you run a campaign your channels will burn, and 90% can get blocked. Solution: Get channels from premium & trusted vendors such as Bulk WA Channels or WA Channels.
  8. WA Software – This website is a marketplace for all kinds of WA marketing software, tools, scripts, solutions, services & even channels. You get can cracked version from the website, but the only caveat is that you will be dependant on latest version updating in much later stage then purchasing an original version of the software.
  9. WAPP Bulk Blaster – This is the original software based on which Blaster Bulk Sender is modified on, this gives you a very fast, efficient, and completely automated WA Blasting system using its cost effective single PC licensing.
  10. WA Dominator – WA Dominator is the modified version of WA Dominator and WA Bulk Sender

WA Promotion Price, Success Factor, Things To Note:

A lot of people get their cash, energy, time, and efforts burned in trying multiple tools, software, scripts, panel, and similar services & products. But, as a suggestion what I can recommend is go for a solution thats always up to date. Namely, like WA Biz API for example which is backed by team of 11 ninja marketers cum developers who know the in & out of the WA Promotion industry.

Its best that you decide to go for tools which allows you to automate your campaigns turn key, and have all the features that you ideally will require in a WA promotion tool, now & in the future.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, WA Biz API itself is one of the best and most advanced WA promotion tool available in the marketplace which has the maximum and the most efficient & scalable solutions available. We just wanted to give a opinion and give you a glimpse about options available for you to run campaigns for any kind of offers & advertising campaigns utilising the power of WA promotion.


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