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Marketer edition is designed for marketers who want to run their own WA marketing campaigns on regular & daily basis without having to pay heavy & high price with limited genuine WA marketing service providers, companies and agencies.

We use to sell WA Biz API with combination of channels in our Lite version & Normal version of Marketer Edition of WA Biz API.

For a very limited time only. We have reduced the price of 2,497$ Lite Edition & 2,997$ of Marketer Edition normal version and offering very limited copies of WA Biz API – Marketer with SCRIPT ONLY option.

WA Biz API – Marketer Edition Script Only (NO CHANNELS PROVIDED)

We will install the script on your own server. And you can also, pre-purchase new WA channels at an additional cost of 90$/1000 USA Channels & 120$/1000 India Channels directly from WAChannels.com using coupon provided with this purchase add an additional cost.

Each channel can send 20 messages each day without any blocking, and complete replacement guarantee for the next 60 days if you use the same admin settings as provided by us at the time of installation.

So, Marketer edition can with send 40,000 messages per batch of 2000 channels every single day! Its like having an army of 2,000 USA WA numbers sending messages on your behalf and making your promotion campaigns viral & bring huge traffic to your website, mobile app, phone calls, WA messages and more.

This edition includes installation of our WA Biz API Marketer Edition script on your own server with FREE INSTALLATION & LIFETIME UPDATES for one time cost of only 599$!

If you are looking for combination package of WA Biz API Marketer Edition + WA Channels, please look at the packages below:



Imagine An Army of 1000s of WA numbers Sending Millions of Messages Each Day for Expanding & Growing Your Business At A One Time, No Recurring Cost ever! Just add your own channels into the script and start using the power of WA marketing today!

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