WA Biz API for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

WABizAPI.com launched multiple packages available in Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise version for the latest edition of WABizAPI WA Marketing Script.

Automate Your WA Marketing Campaigns

This script allows you to self host our WA Marketing Panel on your own server and based on your different needs & requirement. You can run your own WA Marketing campaigns using WABizAPI Script.

Now, there are multiple Web based WA marketing panel, and WA marketing service providers, and vendors available online.

But, what makes WABizAPI different is that instead of purchasing a service, credits, or delivery messages packages. You can self operate the script on your own server and operate your own fully controlled, WA marketing panel with no limitations in terms of how many messages you can send automatically on a daily basis.

But, there is one caveat. You will need to upload WA channels into the panel in order to operate the script.

WA Channels are pre-activated WA numbers which are generated using WA Channel Registration Tool built-in into the tool itself. You can basically use WA numbers virtually using WA Hash Channels which login like a username and password in the script.

These WA channels are used to run the automation task into the script.

All the packages available on WABizAPI comes along with WA Channels. By default in most of the days, the availability of the WA channels are available from US, Brazil, and India. Even though if you want other countries channels, then thats either separately charged or you can adjust with the free batch of channels included in the package for the script.

All the license includes 100% free updates and future additional features added into the script. You don’t have to renew the license ever after your one time purchase.

WA Marketer

WA Marketer Panel is made for marketers who want to run their own WA Marketing Campaigns

WA Reseller

WA Reseller Panel is made for resellers, agencies, vendors, and service providers who want to sell WA marketing credits to their clients.

WA Biz API Developer

WA Developer Panel is made for companies who want to change, customize and further enhance the script according to their requirements and also have interest in reselling our WA marketing script as a white label end to end product to their clients.

WA Enterprise Solution

WA Enterprise Panel is for clients who like to integrate our WA Marketing API with their own CRM, Web Application, SaaS platform, or any 3rd party apps using Zapier.com

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    Here we need to know which the best credit package meets your need.

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