WhatSender vs WABizAPI – Pricing, Review & Comparison 2020

In this post I will be giving you honest comparison and review of both tools which are anticipated and searched online for an ideal WA marketing software.

Do like Apple or Orange? Can you compare Apples with Oranges? Hope not.

And that’s how it’s a comparison between WABizAPI & WhatSender.

WhatSender is a very simple desktop based tool through which you connect your WA number on your mobile phone or android based virtual environment on your computer and then automate major WA marketing tasks.

Main highlights of this tool:

  • Send custom messages with recipient’s name or other variables
  • Import all recipients (contacts) from CSV, TXT files or by copying and pasting
  • Send WA messages to ALL Contacts (even if not saved in your address book!)
  • Grab Contacts from WA Groups, Post-Sending Log, Timed Sending, Numbers Filter, etc …

That’s pretty much it!

The tool doesn’t have much features if you compare it with WA Biz API, which is like a beast and the only ninja competing other many similar desktop based WA marketing software.

What if you want to resell WA marketing service? You can’t do that with WhatSender.

What if you want to custom design your solutions around WA? You can’t do that with WhatSender

What if you want to send 1000s and millions of messages automatically using multiple WA numbers? You REALLY can’t do that with WhatSender.

WA Biz API on the other hand comes loaded with so many features, and so much more powerful messaging system which WhatSender, WA Bulk Sender, WA Sender Pro, and many similar tools such as Bulk Blaster Sender and others can’t compete against. All these desktop tools are just that. i.e. LIMITED with their own way of operating.

WA Biz API is available in four different versions:

WA Biz API Marketer License

This version is designed for individual marketers, or particular small businesses who want to run their own mass marketing campaigns without relying on any third party vendors, or limited desktop based marketing tools such as above. And people who really despise having to pay for credits each time they want to run the campaigns and then keep waiting for their service providers to finish the campaigns. Marketer version is self hosted like all the other versions. You can host the script on your own web based server with linux installed. And operate 100s and 1000s of WA Numbers as sending numbers known as WA channels to operate campaigns upto 100,000 messages each day using the same set of channels.

WA Biz API Reseller License

This version is designed for reseller agencies, reseller vendors, and reseller service providers who want to provide genuine WA marketing services to their clients to run WA marketing campaign. Reseller level clients can create sub-accounts, and sub-reseller accounts within their own completely 100% white label panel, and host the script even on their sub domain name, with their own branding/logo, custom menu, and payment gateway setup to charge clients for purchasing WA marketing credits from them. We understand their are lot of clients who were dealing with other WA marketing service resellers and when they come to know that our script is the main panel which was delivering messages for them. They migrate to purchasing reseller license to run their own end to end setup.

WA Biz API Developer License

This version is designed for advance users who want to customize the script further with their own set of custom development. You can integrate WA Biz API with your own ERP, CMS, and other Web Apps solutions and also use PUSH/PULL WA Biz API to automate WA marketing with your own set of SaaS or Web based solutions. Developer version comes with open source code, and full documentation with video tutorials so that developers who further want to enhance the script features can do so.

WA Biz API Enterprise License

This version is designed for high volume clients who are looking forward to send more then half a million messages every day. Our enterprise solution comes with custom chatbots automation, and includes all the features of all the above versions i.e. Marketer, Reseller, Developer. With Enterprise license you also get master resell rights to sell WA Biz API further to any new clients with open source code. Its the best value for money solution with a power of highly skilled development team in the backend to manage with day to day changes in the script and custom development support.

Apart from all these features, WA Biz API exceeds in so many ways with automatic updates, free lifetime upgrades, and custom API integrations, and always way ahead then our competitors with so many enhanced functionalities being added to expand the usability of the script from time to time.

Once, you become a client you are supported with bi-weekly webinars, and swipe files for running successful WA marketing campaigns, in our webinars we cover the best strategies to grow more successful in each campaigns and also showcase our best case studies in these webinars to make you perform way ahead then any other competitors.

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